Bob's Presidential Campaign: Day 2

In an effort to quell the rumors, I have to be honest; I did run a private email server in my basement...

But it's okay, I deleted all the emails when I was done with it.

Bob's Presidential Campaign: Day 1

I have decided to run for President...

On day 1 of my campaign - I promise to institute mandatory siestas every afternoon.

My new campaign slogan: "Make America Snooze Again."


Alternate campaign slogan: "A Tired Man for Tiring Times..."

What I see on Facebook all day now...

This is what I see every time I log into Facebook now:

Facebook Person 1: "Your candidate is terrible!"
Facebook Person 2: "No, your candidate is terrible!"
Facebook Person 1: "My terrible candidate is nowhere near as terrible as your terrible candidate!"
Facebook Person 2: "No way! Your terrible candidate is more terribler!"
Facebook Person 1: "Not a chance! Your terrible candidate is the terriblest!"
Facebook Person 2: "Whaddabunchacrap! Your terrible candidate is the most-terriblest terrible candidate EVER!"

Blah, blah, blah... Can we get back to people posting hideously-insecure "If you're my friend you'll repost this" drivel and ridiculous urban legends which are easily refutable on Snopes? Isn't that really what FB is all about?

[Deep Sigh.] Sad smile

UPDATE: I recently found the following image which sums up my sentiments exactly:


The Midnight Ride of Rob McMurray

So, I went out for a late-night ride on my mountain bike last night... I left the house around midnight, and my route took me through some of the desert on the northeast side of Tucson.

FYI - It's a little unnerving when a whole pack of coyotes starts sounding off near you when you're by yourself with nothing but a single headlight to keep your bike on the narrow path. Just sayin'...


Perhaps a midnight ride wasn't my best idea.


PS - The coyote image is from Michael Frye, who has even more amazing artwork on his website.