Ride Notes for December 2nd, 2014

Today I was soooooooo close to two of my goals.

You might recall from previous blogs that I have been trying to achieve to primary goals during my usual ride from my house through Saguaro National Park (SNP) and home again: the first goal is to complete the entire ride in less than an hour, and the second goal is to make it around SNP in less than 30 minutes. Well, today I completed the entire ride just one second over an hour, and I made it around SNP in three seconds over 30 minutes. (Darn. Darn. Darn.)


That being said, the ride was pretty good. For some reason, there were almost no cars in the park, which helped immensely. There's not too much else to say about the ride; the temperature wasn't too bad, which was due to the sky being overcast. I felt pretty good throughout the ride, and I knew that my pace was pretty good. Had I known that I was mere seconds away from my goals, I am sure I could have pushed myself just a little faster. ;-)

Ride Stats:

  • Primary Statistics:
    • Start Time: 4:23pm
    • Distance: 16.9 miles
    • Duration: 1:00:01
    • Calories Burned: 648 kcal
    • Altitude Gain: 822 feet
  • Speed:
    • Average Speed: 16.9 mph
    • Peak Speed: 32.4 mph
    • Average Cadence: 72.0 rpm
  • Temperature:
    • Average: 62.3 F
    • Minimum: 60.8 F
    • Maximum: 69.8 F
  • Heart Rate:
    • Average: 155 bpm
    • Maximum: 171 bpm
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