R.I.P. Greg Lake (1947-2016)

Much has been written by others about the passing of Greg Lake yesterday, so pardon my addition to the fray.

Greg Lake's death follows just nine months after his former band-mate, Keith Emerson, and these musicians were two-thirds of the colossal progressive rock band "Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP)." For those who aren't aware of who these guys were, ELP dominated the progressive rock scene throughout the 1970s, selling millions of records and filling stadiums with hundreds of thousands of fans during their International tours.

As an example of ELP back in their heyday, here's a video of them performing during their headlining performance at the California Jam in 1974:

PS - Since Emerson and Lake have both passed away within months of each other, someone needs to surround Carl Palmer in bubble wrap before something happens to him.

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