More Famous Moments in the 511th History

My 5th installment of this series about the 511th MI Company is pretty much a sequel to the 4th installment. I'm fairly certain that I had two lists in my notes because they were more than likely created during different field problems a year or so apart.

It was also a great day for the 511th when...

  • Alex hits a lady's car to get a date, totals the car, and doesn't get the date (Reforger, 1990)
  • 10-Pin walked into an enemy HQ and asked for their crypto fills, and he got them (Hohenfels, 1989)
  • Alex was relieved as platoon sergeant for EW2, and got a better job in the process (February, 1990)
  • Babs gets lost in Augsburg with his prized possession; his 1:100,000 scale map (Reforger, 1990)
  • Felix screamed at OCE's he thought were attacking while he was [relieving himself] in the bushes (Hohenfels, 1990)
  • The Tacjam went down for the count (Reforger, 1990)
  • The TRQ-32 team loses 5 people to a 10th Mountain suicide squad, but still manages to kill the whole squad (Reforger, 1990)
  • Romero and Meador rolled MI-28 when their brakes failed (Hohenfels, 1990)
  • Nada picks a fight with a wall in the Tacjam, and loses (Reforger, 1990)
  • J.J. qualifies on the M16, on the 198th round fired (Grafenwoehr, 1990)
  • Alex ordered Whitfield to be thrown into the mud pit for taking a shower while everyone else was unloading vehicles in the MOPO (Caravan Guard, 1989)
  • Dodge hits himself in the head with his M16 getting out of a HMMWV (2 minutes after Reforger, 1990)
  • Someone threw up all over the Bay of Pigs at Mt. Meissner, but no one ever found out who (November, 1989)
  • Martin and Dodge ICD'd a Medevac net, a little too successfully (Reforger, 1990)
  • D.A. becomes a BOGINT Master (Sudden Eudy, 1989)
  • Mason asked Cyr for a can to [relieve himself] in, then asked Cyr to dump it for him (Reforger, 1990)
  • D.A. got a date! (March 1, 1990)
  • Fred made a mistake on the TRQ-32 (Hohenfels, 1990)
  • EW2's ECM squad ambushed the ESM squad and no one cared enough to get out of bed (Hohenfels, 1990)

I should like to point out that the mistake that I made on the TRQ-32 was not opening the ventilation flap on the side of the generator. I pointed that out myself, but that didn't stop the rest of the squad from holding me down and giving me a pink belly. I believe D.A. was the overall ringleader for my punishment, but I'm sure that I had it coming. ;-]

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