FrontPage Macro: Build Folder URL Tree

Using this FrontPage VBA Macro

This FrontPage VBA Macro is designed to return an array of all the folder URLs for the currently-open web site. I call this function from a lot of my other macros.

FrontPage VBA Macro Example Code

Private Function BuildFolderUrlTree() As Variant

On Error Resume Next

' Declare all our variables
Dim objWebFolder As WebFolder
Dim objFolder As WebFolder
Dim objSubFolder As WebFolder
Dim strBaseFolder As String
Dim lngFolderCount As Long
Dim lngBaseCount As Long

With Application

' Check the caption of the application to see if a web is open.
If .ActiveWebWindow.Caption = "Microsoft FrontPage" Then
' If no web is open, display an informational message...
MsgBox "Please open a web before running this function.", vbCritical
' ... and end the macro.
Exit Function
End If

' Change the web view to folder view.
.ActiveWeb.ActiveWebWindow.ViewMode = fpWebViewFolders
' Refresh the web view and recalc the web.

' Define the initial values for our folder counters.
lngFolderCount = 1
lngBaseCount = 0

' Dimension an aray to hold the folder names.
ReDim strFolders(1) As Variant

' Get the URL of the root folder for the web...
strBaseFolder = .ActiveWeb.RootFolder.Url
' ... and store the URL in our array.
strFolders(1) = strBaseFolder

' Loop while we still have folders to process.
While lngFolderCount <> lngBaseCount
' Set up a WebFolder object to a base folder.
Set objFolder = .ActiveWeb.LocateFolder(strBaseFolder)
' Loop through the collection of subfolders for the base folder.
For Each objSubFolder In objFolder.Folders
' Check to make sure that the subfolder is not a web.
If objSubFolder.IsWeb = False Then
' Increment our folder count.
lngFolderCount = lngFolderCount + 1
' Increase our array size
ReDim Preserve strFolders(lngFolderCount)
' Store the folder name in our array.
strFolders(lngFolderCount) = objSubFolder.Url
End If
' Increment the base folder counter.
lngBaseCount = lngBaseCount + 1
' Get the name of the next folder to process.
strBaseFolder = strFolders(lngBaseCount + 1)
End With

' Return the array of folder names.
BuildFolderUrlTree = strFolders

End Function
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