Famous Moments in the 511th History

In the 4th installment of this series about the 511th MI Company, I have a list of what we thought were great moments in 511th history. I don't know if anyone else recalls, but whenever morale was hitting a low point during a field problem - I'd pull out a pad of paper and have everyone make an obnoxious list of some sort. These lists were usually laced with a great deal of cynicism - and more often than not a great deal of profanity. So I'll have to clean these up a little before posting. ;-]

It was a great day for the 511th when...

  • Sarge took a mud bath (O-Day, 1989)
  • J.D.'s guitar was destroyed by J.J.
  • Caudill threw his computer out the barracks window, then jumped out the window after it and jumped up and down on it (1988)
  • Dodge got stuck in the turnstile at Mt. Meissner
  • Cyr was attacked in the Snow Bear Pit (November, 1988)
  • Punky took a swing at Duncan
  • Fred took a swing at Duncan
  • Anybody else took a swing at Duncan
  • Ortiz rolled MI-40 four times (RTCE, 1989)
  • TCAE's tent caught fire (Wildflecken, 1989)
  • Punky and Fred slid down Meissner in a GLQ-3B (February, 1988)
  • Duncan and Skip got thrown out of Wobeck (February, 1988)
  • 1SG Ross went to the field the first and last time (Reforger, 1987)
  • J.J. called 1LT Stahl a geek at the Irish Pub
  • Cyr and 2LT Gibson got lost in Turkey (Ally Express, 1988)
  • 10-Pin sicked his dog, Presely, on Paski (Pre-Artep, 1989)
  • Paski got stung by a bee (RTCE, 1989)
  • Skip and Duncan threw Felix in the shower
  • A waitress told Punky that she didn't speak English after he ordered in German (TRQ-32 TNG, 1988)
  • A recon patrol suprised Babbs and scared him to death (Caravan Guard, 1989)
  • Skip got beat up by a group of drunk germans at FLTCE
  • Whitfield went to the field without a sleeping bag (Bold Lancer, 1989)
  • Whitfield went to the field with only one uniform (Caravan Guard, 1989)
  • Heave came back from FLTCE with lower scores than he went there with
  • Duncan threw up blood at the Kreuz Club
  • EW1 was thrown out of a Turkish brothel (Ally Express, 1989)
  • Dodge, J.J., Nada, and Stayszyk got drunk and [did something foul] on SGT Berger's truck
  • CPT MacDonald threw SSG Alexander off the radio the first time (Caravan Guard, 1989)
  • CPT MacDonald threw SSG Alexander off the radio the second time (Reforger, 1990)
  • Duncan's car broke down on the way to Meissner, and Degrood wouldn't stop for him
  • Dexter got his clearance and lost it in the same weekend
  • Lay taught a group of drunk Brits how to rap (RTCE, 1988)
  • The Tacjam rolled out of the MOPO
  • EW2 helped a German farmer chase his cows (Caravan Guard, 1989)
  • EW was QRC'd and didn't find a single freq (Ghost Chaser, 1988)
  • Duncan asked why he didn't get a Good Conduct Medal
  • J.J. made Duncan clean his bathroom to use his Nintendo
  • CPT Stahl left
  • The Commo platoon, despite a great deal of cheating, lost to EW2 (O-Day, 1989)
  • Paski was promoted to SPC and faced the "Gauntlet"
  • Smith, Fred, and Martin stole Whitfield's clothes from the shower room at Mt. Meissner
  • 1LT McNeil pulled a bayonet on a group of would-be kidnappers (RTCE, 1989)
  • Martin and Fred attacked Hjerrild with pillows at Meissner
  • Woolery slipped on black ice when going up to be promoted and hit MAJ Bute
  • SSG Valier couldn't pronounce "Patriotism" ("Potatochism!")

Bryant - I'd like to apologize on behalf of Smith, Martin, and myself for stealing your clothes at Mt. Meissner. :-S

I'd also like to state - both emphatically and for the record - that I was a member of EW2 when EW1 was thrown out of the Turkish brothel. :-O

And it would be a great disservice if I didn't point out that there's no way that Cyr would have been lost in Turkey if it had not been for 2LT Gibson - the age old adage that the only thing more dangerous than a 2LT with a gun is a 2LT with a map certainly applies to that situation.

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