Famous Callsigns of the Fighting 511th

Over the 3.5 years that I spent in the Fulda Gap with the 511th MI Company, I collected and saved a lot of the stories and lists that the EW and TCAE teams put together. All of this nostalgic trivia is twenty years old now, but it still makes me laugh when I think about the people and times that it represents. Of course, this is mostly a collection of inside jokes with the people that were there.

So this will be part one of a series, and I should point out that I did not create this information - I just took the time to write it down. ;-]

  • Bleu Cheese - Steve Terry
  • Red Chief - Chief Klebo
  • Red Stool - Alvin Heggie (With a case of local sickness in Turkey)
  • White Spank - Lt. McNiel
  • Blue Babs - Lt. Babakan
  • Blue Lips - Dan Nadalalicea (aka Davy Crockett)
  • Blue Popeye - David Alexander
  • Snow White - Dave Paski
  • Black Sheep, Blue Honk, or Blue Mustang - D.A. Morris
  • The D.J. - Mike Tabbert
  • Blue Grimmace - Bryant Whitfield
  • Blue Shag - J.J. Simmons
  • White Duke - Danny Browning
  • Blue Ears - Dave Degrood
  • Blue Alf - Rich Aylward
  • Blue Geek - Bob "Fred" McMurray
  • White Whine - Scott Smith
  • Red Whine - Jeff Norris
  • The Wacky World of Cartoon Characters - The 511th Jammers
  • Blue Bahn - Johan Hoff
  • Blue Beaver - 1LT Innocenti

UPDATE: While these were not entirely unique, we often used the following color-coded generic callsigns when we were on recon assignments where only one radio entity was present from each of the different platoons:

  • Whitesnake
  • Black Sabbath
  • Red Rider
  • Blue Oyster Cult
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