My 15 Minutes of Fame

For some inexplicable reason, Microsoft chose me to be one of their featured employees on the Microsoft Careers website. As a result, I was interviewed and photographed, and my information was posted on the Microsoft website for all to see.

Here is what they posted about me:

robmcm (2)

Support Professional
Developer and Line-of-Business Support Internet Team

At Microsoft, we have the opportunity to directly impact the development of a product.

Supporting Microsoft's enterprise-level customers with Microsoft's Internet Information Services Team may seem like a daunting task. Not for Robert, a Support Professional with Microsoft's Developer and Line-of-Business Internet Support Team. He thrives on challenge. "Working on the Internet Support Team is living on the 'Bleeding Edge' of technology," he says. "There are always new issues, new problems to be solved."

It's the excitement generated by Microsoft's products that first attracted Robert to Microsoft. "I worked for a community college in Tucson, AZ," he says, "where I managed a large Windows NT network. We were an all-Microsoft shop, and I was something of a Microsoft software addict. When an opportunity to work at Microsoft came along, I jumped at it."

Starting in Microsoft Access Support, Robert quickly learned that a career at Microsoft would allow him to grow and seek new challenges, while constantly making a difference in the lives of Microsoft's customers-to him, the most rewarding part of his job. "Seeing the way our software helps so many people, and helping them use our software to make their lives easier is great," says Robert.

"Another aspect I enjoy," he adds, "is when an idea of mine becomes part of a new product. I can't think of any other companies where an employee has the ability to contribute to the direction of a project simply by e-mailing a suggestion." Some of the product contributions he's made have even been on behalf of Microsoft's customers. "I'm proud of instances in which I was able to represent our customers' wishes to the Development Team," he adds. "It's always great to be the customers' advocate."

When asked what it's like working at Microsoft, Robert becomes animated. "The way people here work together is amazing," he says, "Microsoft hires people from diverse backgrounds; that allows us to draw on each other's experiences to solve a problem." "And," he contends, "the amount of knowledge that is available internally is staggering - searching our Intranet for information is often more productive than searching the Internet.

The atmosphere of cooperation and camaraderie isn't limited to the workday. While Robert and his co-workers share a passion for technology, a passion for helping Microsoft's customers, and a strong desire to learn, they also share a need to relax, unwind and have fun. "Our team barbecues, goes to lunch together, goes to movies or GameWorks," he says. It's their ability to maintain a balance between work and life that allows them to face the challenges of working in the fluid and fast-paced industry of high technology.

According to Robert, the most technically challenging part of his job is trying to stay abreast of new programming language technologies. "All our programming languages are constantly being redefined to take full advantage of new Windows technologies," he says. And it's the dynamic nature of these languages that often leads to the part of his job that Robert finds most exciting. "Programming," he grins. "There are plenty of opportunities to write code, and I love to write code."