WebDAV Module for Windows Server 2008 GoLive Beta is released

Earlier today the IIS product team released the GoLive beta version of the new WebDAV extension module for IIS 7. (This version is currently available for Windows Server 2008 only.)

Listed below are the links for the download pages for each of the individual installation packages:

We've loaded this version with many great new features such as:

  • Integration with IIS 7.0: The new WebDAV extension module is fully integrated with the new IIS 7.0 administration interface and configuration store.
  • Per-site Configuration: WebDAV can be enabled at the site-level on IIS 7.0, which differed from IIS 6.0 where WebDAV was enabled at the server-level through a Web Service Extension.
  • Per-URL Security: WebDAV-specific security is implemented through WebDAV authoring rules that are configured on a per-URL basis.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the new WebDAV UI in action:

WebDAV UI WebDAV Authoring Rules

Additional documentation about installing and using this version of WebDAV can be found at the following URL:

Installing and Configuring WebDAV on IIS 7.0:

While this release is a beta version and not technically supported, feedback about this release and requests for information can be posted to the following web forum:

IIS7 - Publishing:

I would be remiss if I did not mention that special thanks go to:

  • Keith – for building it
  • Eok, Sriram, Ciprian – for testing it
  • Gurpreet, Brian, Reagan – for making it look pretty
  • Vijay, Will, Taylor – for helping keep everything on track ;-]


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