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I had a bunch of FrontPage shortcuts lying around, so I thought that I should list them together in a single blog.

FrontPage Themes and Templates

Much like inserting a hit counter on your web page, nothing screams "amateur" faster than using one of the built-in FrontPage themes or templates to design your web site. That being said, not all FrontPage themes and templates are bad - it's just that many of them are so awful that they give the rest of the market a bad name.

Personally, I have seen several professionally-designed templates that use FrontPage's Dynamic Web Templates (*.DWT) to construct the look and feel for some really great-looking web sites. It pays to be choosy, of course, and find the right theme/template that works for your target audience. With that in mind, I have several theme and template sites listed below.

For a large collection of non-FrontPage-specific templates, see the Open Source Web Design website at the following URL:

FrontPage Add-ins

At one time there were a bunch of add-ins for FrontPage lying around on the Internet, but sadly those days are gone. Just the same, here are a few of the remaining links that contain Add-ins for FrontPage:

FrontPage Administration

This is probably one of the most useful links for the FrontPage Server Extensions, but be forewarned - it's not an easy guide to follow:

FrontPage Software Development Kits (SDKs)

The FrontPage SDKs are no longer available from Microsoft, so I have them mirrored here:

File DescriptionFile LinkFile Size
FrontPage 1.0 SDK 3.25 mb
FrontPage 1.1 SDK 706.24 kb
FrontPage 97 SDK 1.04 mb
FrontPage 98 SDK 1.46 mb
FrontPage 2000 SDK 797.12 kb
FrontPage 2002 SDK 1.52 mb
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