Famous Nicknames of the Fighting 511th

In part 2 of my series on the 511th MI Company, we'll take a look at some of the nicknames from the 511th that I managed to write down; although I need to stick to my disclaimer that I did not come up with these nicknames - I just took the time to write them down. ;-]

  • Captain Caveman - Tim Leavitt
  • 10 Pin - Bobby Thanepohn
  • Sleazer - Jim Leamon
  • Punky - Jim Brewster
  • Shaggy, Eugene, and J.J. Not - John Simmons
  • Ichabod and Felix - Steve Myers
  • Tick - Jim Titkemeyer
  • Sarge - Tim Meador
  • Schone Frau - Dave Young
  • Witless and Grimmace - Bryant Whitfield
  • Honkytonk Man - D.A. Morris
  • The Duke - Danny Browning
  • Heave - Steve Maurer
  • Maull and Knoore - Terry Knaul and Tim Moore
  • J.D. - John Davis
  • Fred and Ernie - Bob McMurray
  • Eggdod - Dave Dodge
  • Skip - Frank Walker
  • Lick and Snaggle Tooth - Rick Irvine
  • Van Cheese - Kyle Van Cleave
  • Michelin Man, Uncle Fester, Bleu Cheese, and Sta-Puf - Steve Terry
  • Degrudge - Dave Degrood
  • Mr. Peabody and Mr. Maturity - Scott Smith
  • Buffalo Bill - Bill Magan
  • The Pegster and Heggster - Alvin Heggie
  • Burt - Ramon Ortiz
  • Oreo Cookie Man, Roly-Poly and Karlik - Dan Onstead
  • Splugie - Eudy
  • Hanker - Kent Hawks
  • Spaski - Dave Paski
  • Nada - Daniel Nadalalicea
  • Bhudda - Jeff Morris
  • Snorris - Jeff Norris
  • Roj - Roger Jordan
  • Haystacks - Steve Calhoun
  • Bahn - Johann Hoff
  • Beaver - 1LT Innocenti
  • Uncle Martin - Ken Martin
  • Dork - Heath Duerksen
  • The Three Amigos - Paski, Fred, and J.J.
  • The Fat Boys - Duncan, Skip, and Leamon
  • The Three Stooges - Felix, Blanco, and Whitfield
  • Bullseye Babbs - 1LT Babakan
  • Alfalfa - Rich Aylward
  • Spanky - 1LT McNeil
  • Darla - Some female 1LT from the 108th that 1LT McNeil was chasing
  • LT Stahl and D.A.T. - CPT Stahl
  • Don Knots - 1SG Hall
  • Smelvin - 1SG Ross
  • Chief - CW2 Klebo
  • Harry K. - LTC Lesser
  • Neily D. - MAJ Bute
  • Quinn the Eskimo - MAJ Quinn
  • Frank or Bob - Richard Lebron

And my personal favorite:

  • The Evil Lord Torak - CW2 Torak

There is one nickname that I wrote down that I didn't post here, and that was for Bill McCollum. I didn't add his nickname to this list because it might not be fit for the public. If you remember his nickname, you can smile about it now. If you don't, that'll remain a secret between the rest of us.

Who did I miss?

10/21/2014 Update - Bullseye Babbs was a 1LT who took over one of the EW platoons. He earned his nickname on one of the M-60 ranges when he failed to understand how his weapon's scopes worked, so instead of throwing rounds 1km downrange like everyone else, he was thoroughly pulverizing the ground about 5-10 feet in front of us; huge amounts of debris were being thrown into the air as everyone was screaming at him to cease fire. (It probably would have been funny if it hadn't been so dangerous.)

03/14/2018 Update - Terry Knaul dropped me a line to let me know that I had his name listed incorrectly; my apologies, and that has been fixed.

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